There was just something indescribably sweet and endearing about the way he looked at her for the first time for the rest of their lives.

Everyone who has seen our engagement photos has asked, "Who is your photographer?!?" James did a phenomenal job capturing the brilliant yellow aspens in Nederland to create the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot. His artistic eye brought out the natural beauty of Caribou Ranch and this special time in our lives leading up to our summer wedding.
When we said the shoot would take longer than expected due to a mile plus hike in and out, he enthusiastically packed up his camera bag and never looked at his watch or made us feel pressured for time. He embraced the day with a great attitude and encouraged us to have fun and be romantic which clearly came through the photos. We are confident our wedding photos will be fantastic because James more than proved his skill during our fall engagement shoot.

James' attention to detail is evident from the time he snaps the shot through the printing process. He's a great guy as well as an excellent photographer; a true pleasure to work with, very accommodating and helpful. Our wedding day will be preserved forever through his photos and we are thrilled we made the right choice of photographer for this once in a lifetime event.

Joscelyn & Jeff

James did such a wonderful job with our wedding photography and we couldn't be happier. We love his work because of his skill with understanding light, how he's able to capture people's emotion, and how he combines the two making each photo a work of art. He blended into the crowd and we barely noticed he was even there, and then we got back this amazing amazing collection of beautifully captured memories of our big day. I can't say enough how happy we were with his work and we would refer him to anyone!!

Seth & Jessica

My fiance' and I could gush forever about what an incredible and versatile photographer James is. He's what we'd like to call an extreme engagement photographer; he's willing to make any maneuver it takes to capture the essence of the moment. It made our day with him an amazing experience. James took the time to collaborate with us all the way from Boulder to research locations and get a feel for what we wanted out of the engagement shoot. He was also extremely flexible, adjusting to the challenges of our varied locations and tastes. He was as, if not more committed to ensuring that we had a plethora of styles represented in our photos. He has been enthusiastic and professional throughout all of our interactions, and we just plain enjoyed hanging out with him! We are extremely confident in our decision to hire James Moro as our engagement and wedding photographer. We would highly recommend him to any couple or business!

Roy & Ashley

Where to start with James Moro . . . . how about AMAZING!!! From the moment he picked up my fiance and I for our engagement shoot, to the end of a very long day full of rain and crazy wind dropping us back off, everything was fantastic. James is creative and intimate in his photography. When you choose him, you don't get the typical cheesy engagement photos, but instead a celebration of your love and the journey you've already been through as a couple. He got to know my fiance and I through emails before we flew out to Colorado for our shoot. As soon as we met in person, you have the instant feeling that you've already known him for years. James is a down to earth person, which is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want someone that was uptight or too worried about schedules. James is laid back and fun to be around which makes taking so many photos a little easier. He's scheduled to shoot our wedding in less than two weeks and I couldn't be more excited. Not just for the wedding of course, but to see the amazing, artistic work that James will bring to our day to remember. I highly recommend James for his personality, creativity, spirit, and amazing eye for creating unforgettable photos.

Justin & Amanda

James did our engagement photos and will do our wedding in June. He did an amazing job capturing our love for nature and each other. The pictures are beautiful and vivid- James is such a talented photographer. He loves what he does and has such a passion that shows in his work. Aside from his high quality product, James is professional, yet easy to get along with. He responds quickly to calls/emails and is responsive to feedback. I'm so glad we found him and look forward to his work in June!

Michelle & Kyle

In short, James is a photographic wizard! My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with our wedding and engagement shots that he took. I was initially drawn to James's work because he seemed to add a lot of creative flair in addition to capturing the "standard wedding shots" really tastefully. He hit the mark on both counts.

In addition to the stellar quality of James's photos, he was awesome to work with. On top of the expected chaos of wedding planning, he worked with us to accommodate for rainstorms, tornadoes and lightning to get all the shots we wanted and then some... On the day of the wedding, it was really easy to work with James. He kept a ninja-like low profile and he met our requests for certain shots with enthusiasm.
Since that day, we've gotten so many compliments on our photos, and all are well-deserved! Thanks so much for capturing the magic of our special day!

Andrew & Maura

It would be hard for me to overstate just how impressive James Moro is as a photographer. My fiancée and I are amazed at the beautiful, and often dramatic, photos he took over a two day engagement shoot, which was originally slated for 2 hours. I believe he went so far above and beyond because a. he is a committed artist, who is much more interested in interesting photos than watching the clock and b. because we were unlucky with weather on the first day. We had originally agreed on two locations, but to get a variety of scenery, James took us to at least 6. Our photos reflect this with a number of really stunning landscape shots that also happen to include us as the engagement couple (we are still the center of the shot, but it's like we have been green-screened onto an amazing location). James was also very responsive to our request for more direct portrait shots. Finally, since James is incredibly chill and funny, we felt almost immediate rapport with him. We cannot wait to work with him at the wedding and look forward to making sure anyone we know seriously considers him for their wedding (or pet) photography needs. 

Michael & Emily

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