The Walt Disney Concert Hall has got to be one of the coolest places I’ve ever done an engagement shoot at. The building was actually designed long before it was constructed. The building & materials technology didn’t exist at the time the plans were drawn up by architect Frank Gehry. So he had to wait years to realize his stunning building. I love to bring my studio lighting on location with me because i’m all about controlling the lighting in my photos. Unfortunately, security stopped me from using my softbox a few minutes into the shoot. But thanks to the architect, the building is basically a series of giant silver reflectors that makes for some amazing natural lighting conditions.
The location was actually suggested to me by my clients Sean & Holly. They were looking to do some high fashion engagement photos, and I was totally stoked on the whole concept. Holly called me the evening she received their photos and was just blown away. I was blown away when I saw her the day of the shoot, having just had her hair and make-up professionally done by a stylist that frequently works with models for Playboy magazine. Sean & Holly actually went shopping in downtown LA specifically for the shoot. So I was pretty confident we’d end up with some awesome photos. I love it when my clients really put in the extra effort to make their photos amazing. The results are quite dramatic. Sean & Holly, thank you guys for being so cool to work with and for really putting in the effort to create something that’s simply stunning. I’m totally looking forward to shooting their persian wedding at the Irvine Hyatt Regency in a few weeks’ time.