Cara and Zac are not your average engaged couple.  Their combined interests include rocking out at heavy metal concerts, playing the guitar and drums,  mathematics, forensic anthropology, and their two kittehs (internet lingo for Kitties) Harlequin and Leviathan Hubbell.  I met through Chris & Ashley, who are single-handedly responsible for helping me create some of the most epic photos in my portfolio.  So I was super stoked to hear that one of Ashlee’s college friends was interested in hiring me to shoot her destination wedding in wine country.  It only took a few minutes of chatting with Cara over the phone to realize that this was an awesome bride that shared my taste for nontraditional fashion-photography-inspired wedding photography.  I bounced ideas off her, and she responded with excitement and contributed her own brand of awesomeness to the equation.  Cara reminded me a lot of my girlfriend, both being former teenage models, feminine, but with a strong tom-boy side and an irresistible attraction to counter-culture and progressive thinking.  I knew Zac was one lucky dude having found a girl like Cara. “Hell yea!  Lets do this!”, I thought, as I hung up the phone.

Nearly a year later, I met Cara and Zac for the first time after a 3 hour drive from the san francisco international airport to her parent’s Santa Rosa estate  in Sonoma County.  I say ‘estate’ because their driveway is longer than the city block I live on.  I was surprised at how quickly I was invited into their circle of friends, after having only spoken with her on the phone some time ago.  I spent the next few hours getting to know the couple and their closest friends that had flown into town from all over the country.  I’ve never felt so welcome at a wedding before.

Cara and Zac’s big day was an intimate affair filled laughter and celebration.  What really made the day memorable to me was the way Cara can light up everyone around her with her smile.  She was literally radiating happiness, and there was an undeniable, intangible transfer of that energy to everyone that had the pleasure of being in her presence that day–especially Zac.

To top off the entire trip, we trekked to a nearby redwood forest and spent the following afternoon taking photos in what can only be described as a surreal experience.

Cara and Zac, I wish you guys the best !