Tehniat and I go way back to my college days when I was first getting my feet wet shooting modeling portfolios for girls on campus.  I did a photoshoot with her way back in the days when I was still intent on becoming a clinical psychologist.  At the time, I had no idea I would be running my own wedding photography business several years down the road. Ironically, she’s now fast on her way to getting her PhD. in clinical psychology, and i’m now a full-time wedding and portrait photographer.  I haven’t spoken to her in years when she called me to let me know she’s been following my work for some time and that she was getting married to Stillian, another Kenyon College grad I went to school with.  The couple had one of their multi-day events at the luxurious Peninsula Beverly Hills , and hired yours truly to cover the action.

Enjoy the teasers.  More photos to come !