I belong to a super top secret Anatolian Shepherd group on Facebook.  You have to be LEGIT to get invited to the group, and the initiation involves several tests of courage, feats of strength and surviving an anatolian puppy stampede.  Ok, maybe just the latter, and driving for nearly 20 hours through pea soup fog to a reputable  breeder to adopt an anatolian shepherd puppy 🙂  I met Rachel through this group, which is indeed so secret that even it’s Facebook status is marked ‘secret’ 😛  Rachel owns Bauer, or should I say, Bauer owns Rachel–kind of like how there are 6 million players in the world of warcraft only because Chuck Norris allows them to live.  Yes, anatolians are that badass.  So Rachel saw my awesome photos of Razi and spontaneously hired me to photograph Bauer and his glorious Snaggletooth.  At certain angles, he looks strikingly like Chopper, our adult anatolian.  Rachel’s first thought upon seeing these teasers was, “oh, thats a handsome photo of Chopper…oh wait! that’s my boy Bauer!”

Without further adieu, meet Bauer: