Razi got his first taste of that sweet, sweet nectar known as the dog beach ┬áright before Christmas this year, and oh was he pleased ­čśÇ

As usual, Chopper let loose the “OMG OMG OMG I smell the dog beeeeach!” cry/whimper of pure joy as we approached the beach. ┬áRazi really didn’t know what the fuss was about, but was glad to get out of the car after suffering a round of the terror that is Chopper’s stinky, but fluffy, anatolian butt. ┬á He quickly found some other puppies at the dog beach and started pouncing and playing about, professing his anatolian awesomeness (and cuteness) by toppling over a labradore retriever puppy and then squiggling between his owner’s legs to tease the downed puppy that yes, Razi is the cutest little bugger on the block. ┬áHe’s also quite the ladies man, I should add, and seizes every opportunity he gets to weave about between girls’ legs, leaning and waggling his curly tail of awesomeness–which looks kind of like a snaking swirling about on hot pavement trying to escape. ┬áRazi is also aware of this strange thing attached to his butt, and frequently attempts to grab hold of the menace and pulls himself in circles trying to tame the tail.

I shot most of these dog photos at the coronado island dog beach in san diego with my canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS lens, as Razi was totally running amuck and all over the place.  The extra reach most definitely helped to capture Razi in all of his glory.