It was truly a pleasure to get to photograph this young couple in love.  While theirs was a small, intimate affair–an elopement from the cold winter air of Michigan–there was nothing small about the emotions between these two individuals in love.  Sara had one of the prettiest and most meaningful bouquets i’ve ever seen; she made it herself entirely from family heirlooms passed down through the family.  A small, chocolate-colored seagull at the Broadway Pier took quite a liking to all the sparkly-sparkly in her bouquet and didn’t hesitate to vocalize his lust for the precious, even as he followed us off the pier.

While we all, as wedding photographers, love the luxurious and lavish weddings, I’m sure I speak for my fellow photographers when I say that there’s nothing better than witnessing the magic between a couple in love unfolding in front of your lens.  Sara and Kenny, thank you guys for inviting me to photograph your intimate wedding;  I had a blast photographing the two of you with San Diego’s beautiful harbor and marina as the backdrop.  Thank you, as well, for that rediculously delicious cupcake from Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy–if only I could eat all of my meals there 😛