Just wanted to share these quick photos of Laura & Bill’s gorgeous 12×12 Finao One album.  This is Finao’s top of the line flushment wedding album, showing here with the ludicrous cover option–which IMHO, is about as exotic as wedding album materials come.  This mysterious leather is imported from Italy and is quite the tactile experience once you get your hands on a ONE album.  I’ve always been a fan of large prints, be in it an art gallery, museum or your own personal art gallery/museum–the Finao One album.  Beautiful images are meant to be displayed large. Nothing does justice to your wedding photos more than turning them into a tangible, viewable work of art that’s handcrafted from materials and ink rated to last generations upon generations.  This stunning album opens up to a 12×24 spread–yes, a TWO FOOT spread–and can accommodate giant panoramic images.  It’s the perfect layout for telling your wedding story–it’s just so…cinematic.