This is going to be one of those posts where I post an ungodly amount of engagement photos and then, as a photographer, I scold myself for not doing a tighter edit and only showing the best of the best.  But you know what:  that doesn’t apply in this case—because ALL of these photos kick major @ss.  They kick so much @ss (and I use the LOL-speak spelling of ‘@ss’ only b/c google will chastise me for using foul language and thusly lower my search engine rankings), that if they were thrown into The Octagon with Chuck Norris, Chong Li and JCVD, these foes would face a bitter end 😀

(I’m sure Roy will be able to appreciate this, being from my generation, which grew up watching real action movies the likes of Blood Sport, Rambo, and Delta Force–not the nancy, sissy cr@p they play these days).


So, where we were?  Yes,  Ashley and Roy.  I could tell you all the classic stuff like how they met at a co-ed softball league and hit a home run (ok, maybe I added that last part 😛 ), or how Roy proposed to Ashley while they were out for a Vespa ride and almost missed the opportunity when Ashley rode ahead of him and almost didn’t stop at EXACTLY the top secret spot he had picked out, or how they share a mutual love of dressing up their cats, Stormy & Sawyer, for the holidays (and job interviews), but I think what should be noted the most is the strength of his embrace and how she just falls into it like home—and on that note, I think I’ll get started on my first harlequinn romance novel (j/k j/k).  In all seriousness,  I don’t get a ton of time to get to know my couples; after all, Ashley and Roy have spent the past four years together going on many adventures.  So I have to go on what I see in the moment, which tells you a lot, actually, about how comfortable a couple is with each other that they can forget the world around them (and a certain photographer) and just lose themselves in the moment.  These guys were so utterly lost in the moment that you’d think they were still using Apple Maps™ 😉


Ashley and Roy, I had a blast photographing the two of you in your idyllic seaside town that smells like a giant botanical garden (apparently year round even in the middle of winter–so jealous);  I LOL-ed along with you as we repeatedly got photo-bombed by dogs running amuck; and I loved that you invited me over for dinner and that said dinner consisted of two very delicious deep dish Chicago style pizzas that Roy made by hand (and very successfully defended his family’s honor with).  Thank you guys for having me.  I’m really looking forward to photographing your wedding in august at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.