Alayna and Mike’s wedding at their farm in Boulder County was an incredibly dynamic event highlighted by cameo’s of their two golden retrievers, a flower canon and an African dance and drum troupe.  Mike and Alayna are dog people first and foremost, and not just ‘dog people’ like everyone you meet in Boulder will tell you.  They’re dog people with an extra queen-size bed next to theirs all for their dogs, Huckleberry and Sawyer!  So of course their golden retrievers made several cameos at their wedding.  Instead of going back to have her make-up retouched before the ceremony, Alayna chose to spend the time with her dogs.  I don’t think i’ll ever get tired of taking creative bridal prep photos, but when you put a dog-loving-bride together with her two furry best friends on her wedding day, then you’ve created something magical.

Alayna and Mike’s story is a rare one.  Alayna writes,

“Mike and my sister, Lindsay, were close friends growing up. Mike was often around during holidays and special occasions. I have had a “crush” on Mike since I was about 12 years old. When he would come over to visit Lindsay, I would hurry up the stairs and put on a bunch of makeup to try to impress him. When I would come down he would always say “Hi Alayna” and I would turn bright red. [quote]I’m pretty sure I’ve loved him since I was 12.[/quote]
We had not seen each other in about 10 years….Then on April 13th, 2008 Mike came into town to visit my sister. Conveniently my sister and I lived together at the time. We started talking during that visit and things just grew from there. A week later we took a road trip to Las Vegas and he moved up to Longmont 6 months later.
For the past 4 years we have been enjoying building our lives together. Then Labor day weekend 2012, we went to Washington DC to visit his Grandmother. He asked me to marry him at a meaningful family spot where his grandparents had taken a picture together 50 years ago. Of course my answers was YES!”