Phillip & Katie’s wedding was a literal tour of the front range, and it all started off with Katie and her closest friends and family getting ready at a mountain chateau off Sunshine Canyon.  This was one of those places you see from the road and always wonder about the people that live there and what the place looks like inside–a mountain home with breath-taking views of Boulder.  Fast-forward an hour later, and the caravan is making the long descent down Sunshine Canyon, headed along the foothills to the ceremony site in Golden, Colorado at the Three Tomatoes Steakhouse & Country Club .  This country-club ceremony site at the Fossil Trace Country Club looks northwest, with a massive view of Lookout Mountain and the Front Range.  After the happy couple said their vows and we wandered the golf course in search of photo opportunities, we then headed back north to the beautiful Cornerstone Church in Boulder, Colorado.  On the way back to Boulder, we stopped at the Flatirons Vista scenic overlook for some photos.  One of the amazing things about living in Colorado is that you can watch rainstorms and snowstorms happening off in the distance, and be perfectly warm and dry where you’re standing.  We saw the storm cresting over Eldorado Canyon, as I quickly snapped away before our moment of opportunity past.  I waited until the winds picked up to blow Katie’s dress and add a dynamic element to the photos, and I quickly snapped away.  No sooner did I nail the shot, than the sky opened up and unleashed the most massive raindrops i’ve ever experienced.  I’m not kidding: I got hit by rain drops the size of small water balloons–they had some force behind them.  As soon as we got to the Cornerstone Church of Boulder Valley, everyone dashed over to the ice cream truck for a quick snack from the crew at Sweet Cow Ice Cream  just as the sun came out and unleashed a giant rainbow to the east.  –That’s Boulder, Colorado for you:  if you don’t like the weather, give it a few minutes, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised (or completely soaked!).