I first met Jessica about 5 years ago when I was doing a photo shoot for Nicole, a massage therapist–who now happens to be one of my wedding clients and good friends.   Nicole brought along her cousin and best friend Jessica to model for the shoot, and that’s when I first heard about this guy named Seth that she was dating.  I believe my exact thoughts were, “lucky bastard!”, and it’s a phrase I’ve since confirmed from several of Seth’s friends during their speeches at the wedding.  Why is Seth such a ‘lucky bastard’?  I believe the photos below answer this question quite nicely. 😉


Seth and Jessica have been present at nearly every wedding I’ve photographed in Santa Barbara;   I like to think that it was my years of nagging the couple at various wedding receptions about when they were going to get engaged, although I’m pretty sure it didn’t hurt that Seth flew Jessica to a tropical island to propose to her, OR, that the two are crazy in love with each other….


In either case, Seth & Jessica got married at Elings Park, Santa Barbara, atop a lush hillside overlooking the pacific ocean.  I haven’t had a a whole lot of experience with Seth over the years; mainly, I knew Jessica through Graham & Nicole.  But when I got to witness their First Look and saw the emotions on this man’s face and how Jessica just melted into him, I was blown away.   The intensity these two show for each other is powerful; both were glowing the entire day.