Justin & Amanda’s mountain wedding at the Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park, Colorado was all about being close to the ones you love.  Surrounded by an intimate group of close family and friends, this Nebraska couple exchanged their vows against the breath-taking backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Spend a brief period of time with Justin & Amanda, and you’ll quickly realize the value they place on friends and family.  Even though I was an outsider, so to speak, they made sure to make a place for me at their table;  I was blown away by their hospitality, and how warmly their family opened up to me during their dinner at the Twin Owls Steakhouse.


The couple fell in love with the rocky mountains several years ago, after a memorable trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.  They immediately knew this was the place they wanted to get married; however, during their initial wedding planning a few years ago, Justin fell ill with cancer, and the wedding had to take a back seat to his battle with cancer.  Justin pulled through after several hard-fought rounds of treatment, and is now completely cancer-free.  Life had thrown this high school sweetheart couple a serious curveball, and yet they triumphed in turning it all around and having the wedding of their dreams in the rocky mountains–even the forrest creatures came out for the celebration, as if to say, “Nature’s got your back!”