Steve & Susan are getting married at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs in a little under 3 month’s time and flew out to Colorado from different sides of the country;  this couple has been making their long-distance relationship work for quite some time–over 4 years to be exact.  Steve lives in Houston and met Susan during a church conference that flew out from Fort Lauderdale for several years back.  The two immediately felt the chemistry, and Steve surprised Susan by flying out to Fort Lauderdale for their first date.  Now, think about that for a second:  he FLEW halfway across the country for their first date!  Not many people can lay claim to ‘going the extra mile’ as far as Steve did for their first date–1165 miles to be exact.  If this didn’t make his intentions known to Susan, his sunset proposal by the beach some four years later solidified his intentions to marry this beautiful girl from Florida.


The couple flew out to Colorado Springs two weeks ago for their destination engagement shoot, and we absolutely killed it with stunning photos at the Garden of the Gods and The Broadmoor.  As always, I made sure to convince the pair that rocking seasonally inappropriate clothing is pretty much the only way to fly when it comes to pulling of a stylish engagement shoot.  The weather was even kind enough to drop out of the 70’s and dump snow the day prior to their shoot so that the landscape was all the more romantic–WIN!