Mike and Emily are two perfect examples of why you should never roll your eyes at online dating.  You can only be in so many places at once, and these two would’ve never met had they not stumbled upon each other’s profiles online.  I imagine that Mike was smitten at first glance, and Emily most likely appreciated his lack of shirtless selfies and was won over by his charming smile.  These two absolutely belong together, and they just light up in each other’s presence.  They both shared a tissue during their first look because they couldn’t hold back the tears, and they both share a mutual love of the mountains and giant dogs (to which i’m going to claim a little credit, after introducing them to my 150lb Anatolian Shepherd during dinner with them a few months ago).  While they both still live in Boston, and this was very much a destination wedding for them and all involved, the couple will be moving to Colorado as soon as Emily graduates from Harvard Medical school.  I’m extremely stoked that they will be calling the gorgeous state of Colorado  ‘Home’ in no time at all.