Elorie called me up on a random wednesday in September and shared a secret with me;  the family photoshoot we had planned on doing this fall had now become her surprise wedding!  You see:  the couple originally hired me to shoot their wedding this past spring, but circumstances and the couple’s hectic schedules were not ideal.  So the wedding was post-poned.  The snow melted; the indian summer subsided, and the leaves took on the most brilliant golden hue.  The Boulder couple’s entire family was in town for the family shoot and Elorie, being spontaneity incarnate, suddenly realized the perfect opportunity to surprise their family with an intimate fall wedding in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.

What follows are some of the most intimate moments i’ve ever witnessed at a wedding.  Family; Love; Raw Emotion; no pretense; no frills; nothing but their loved ones gathered around them in the midst of wildly beautiful vista and rugged mountains.  I watched with amazement as Elorie’s younger daughter, Caroline, wandered off and returned with two pinecones.  She instructed Brad and her mother to join the pinecones together in a symbol of their connectedness; this wasn’t planned, or rehearsed.  Caroline simply acted in her own whimsical way, in a moment of pure spontaneity–just like her mother!

Elorie & Brad,


I wish you two the best (the best powder days, the best brown pow, insane trails and even crazier adventures together)!