Cammy & Ryan are a couple that I clicked with right off the bat.  We’ve all lived in Colorado, San Diego, and now Oregon; they’re also dog people and animal lovers (Cammy used to work for the San Diego wild animal park, and they share their home with their Swiss Mountain dog).  We barely talked about the wedding when we met; instead, we spent a huge chunk of time talking about how awesome Bend is and how stoked we all are just to call this place home; we chatted about Cammy and Ryan’s passion for photography and Ryan’s collection of vintage cameras.   Ryan even showed me his BMW boxer motorcycle, and I reminisced about my Superbike days when I used to travel around to racetracks across the country to ride a bike that could hit 180mph in under 10 seconds.  While chatting with them, I heard the rumble of hooves thundering across their neighbor’s pasture, and was taken aback by the wild beauty of the majestic animals that live right next to their home.  As I pulled away down their quarter mile driveway that evening, I knew these two were something special and couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding.


When their wedding rolled around in the spring, the weather went from ‘delightfully sunny’ and 70F on my  Accuweather app, to 45F and rainy with strong wind gusts.  Not phased the least by any of this, Cammy and Ryan took it all in stride and the bad weather seemed to realize this, and gave up.  Or, I should say: it gave way to an absolutely epic sunset that made the two of them literally glow.  Emma and I had such a fun time hanging out with our new friends and photographing them in such beautiful light that; While it never quite seemed to get above 50F the whole day, everyone was so taken by the laughter and smiles that it stopped feeling cold and was just plain Fun!


Cammy & Ryan, thank you for inviting us into your home (and your day-after party with your friends and family); you guys truly made us feel like family, and I hope you cherish these photos like you’d cherish a loved one.