I was recently hired to photograph an engagement in Boston. Being my girlfriend’s hometown, we had to stop by the mini-farm her parents live on. She still insists she didn’t grow up on a farm, but how many of your suburban neighbors have pet goats and an ancient Farmall tractor with an old campbells soup can doubling as an oil
catch can? Exactly 😛

This was a rare and new opportunity for me as a photographer as I was actually hired to photograph the actual engagement as it unfolded. The bride had noooo idea; she just thought it was an Easter get-together…..as I crouched like a ninja behind a wooden gate waiting for the groom-to-be to pop the question.

It was fantastic. She said yes, and I captured it all.

Next up on the agenda is a full-on engagement session with the couple. I’m going to do something different, something special, for this couple. I’ll show them how this oc wedding photographer rolls >=]

stayed tuned for updates and photos.