The first time I saw Angela was walking down the aisle in her wedding dress, and I was floored. To have a first impression like that is quite an experience. I dont normally meet my clients until their wedding day, but Angela’s work keeps her so busy that it was just easier to do our wedding consultation over the phone. Angela & James were a very fun couple to work with, and they totally clicked with my offbeat style. They were married at the Norman P. Murray Community Center in mission viejo, ca,¬†which is literally 10 minutes from both of our houses. The venue doubles as a community event center, as well as a wedding venue with several ceremony and reception sites on the premises. Fortunately for me, they chose to hold their wedding on the outdoor patio in the beautiful, golden afternoon sunlight that socal is known for.
I normally bring along my studio lighting for more control, but this lighting was just perfect on it’s own. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do.