A few months back, I was introduced to Christina & Erik through a good photographer buddy of mine that lives in Santa Barbara.  They recently got engaged and were on the market for a wedding & engagement photographer.

I meet a ton of couples through my  wedding photography consultations, and Christina & Erik are crazy in love with each other.  They met several years ago when Christina moved to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB and picked up a part-time job working at the SB  IN-N-OUT.  Erik was immediately smitten by this blond bombshell that transferred into his store, but he played it by ear and became friends with her first, slowly winning her over with his charm while performing uncanny feats like overnighting 50 cheeseburgers to Oprah Winfrey on the east coast–yea, Oprah likes herself some IN-N-OUT!

We spent the greater portion of a beautiful Santa Barbara spring day exploring  SB and had a blast.  Christina & Erik were a ton of fun and quickly forget I was even there, despite having never worked with a professional  wedding & engagement photographer before.  Erik was quickly playing with Christina’s hair, while she gazed into his eyes with a lover’s stare……until he bounced her 5 feet into the air on the trampoline! lol!  But she put him in his place and showed him who’s boss!  These two are seriously FUN.  I had suggested we take to a trampoline earlier in my conversations with Christina so that we could get some ‘aerial’ engagement photos, and she was totally down for it.    I love keeping things fun & spontaneous with my couples.  Photographing couples in cuddly poses is great, but you really get to see the dynamic of their relationship when you give them something fun to do together.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in september of next year.  Christina & Erik, you guys are amazing!