Yesterday we went to the San Diego Hardrock Hotel & the San Diego Convention Center to do a bridal fashion shoot with Sanja. I was super stoked, as i absolutely LOVE shooting bridal fashion. I could seriously spend days shooting at the SD Hardrock Hotel and not run out of locations that would make any photographer DROOL. I had originally planned to bring along my strobes to light Sanja, but the natural lighting was simply too good to pass up. Earlier forecasts of rain meant that the city was going to be swallowed up in the clouds. WOOT! I love shooting in overcast conditions, as the clouds diffuse the light like a giant softbox. Since the SD Hardrock Hotel is literally less than a block from my live/work loft, I decided to bring my dog Chopper along to guard my equipment while I was shooting. As always, Chopper made a cameo in my photoshoot. I told him to pretend he was the regal-looking Great Dane from Lady Gaga’s Pokerface video. Offended that I would even suggest such an unthinkable thing, Chopper walked off to sniff the fascinating smell that was calling his name from afar. LOL.