Daryn & James got married at the beautiful Mediterranean-styled Miramonte Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California. When I first talked to Daryn about her wedding, I learned that she’s a production manager for the Chelsea Lately Show on the E channel. So I was expecting her to be really high energy, given that she runs around all day on her job ‘makin it happen.’ Just how high energy she is, I had no idea! She told me her wedding was basically going to be one non-stop dance party. I should’ve taken her seriously. LOL! I have NEVER seen a bride run so gracefully or so fast wearing a wedding dress and heels. Seriously, your high school track superstar cousin wouldn’t stand a chance. Respect. “Where was she running so fast?”, you may ask–to the dance floor, *duh* 😉

Daryn & James’ story is an interesting one. Daryn writes,
“James and I met at the company Christmas Party. We were working on the same show, but in different departments so we never actually met.

A friend and I were looking for the ladies room in a very crowded company party when we bumped into him. She knew him; So she introduced me. I said hi, but I really had “to go”. So I said “nice to meet you but I am on my way to the ladies room”. He jumped and said, “I’ll go with you!”. I thought this was strange but I said ok. When I came out, I really didn’t expect him to be there, but there he was, waiting.

We hung out the rest of the night and when the party was over, I told him we would be going to the after party and asked if he would be there. He gave me the i’m-too-cool-for-school-look and said, “we’ll see”. We’ll see?!! Really?!!”

Fast forward to new years eve 2010, and Mr.too-cool-for-school was smitten. He proposed to her at a friend’s new years eve party and, of course, she said yes!