Every once in a while when I’m in an experimental-creative mood, and the stars are aligned just right, I’ll revisit some of my photos and rework them in photoshop until I manage to scratch the creative ‘itch’.
These photos are a from a recent engagement session I shot last month when a good friend of mine came down from Santa Barbara to do his engagement photos in San Diego. We spent a good portion of a beautiful 70 degree southern california saturday in march (just to rub it in for any east-coasters reading the blog 😉 shooting their engagement photos around Balboa Park and one of the many beaches on Coronado Island.
I wanted to work on a ‘masculine vs feminine’ theme photos while retaining a dreamy, romantic feel, hence my use of pastel shades of pink and cyan. I was also supremely inspired by fashion photographer Waldemar Hansson’s series “Ponte Alexandre” and his beautiful use of radial gradients in the photos. So I decided to give it a try and see what I could come up with using radial gradients, albeit with a much more simplified color palette.