They say absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Laura and Manny first met by chance encounter several years ago while they were both in different relationships. They only shared a few words during their first encounter, but perhaps this was all they needed as they both stayed in the back of each other’s minds over the next several months. Laura couldn’t get Manny off her mind, and her friends knew all about her interest in him–so much so, that one of her friends drunk-dialed him while the girls were on a weekend trip to Las Vegas and proceeded to tell Manny’s voicemail all about Laura’s fascination with him. Manny missed the 4am call because he was away in Texas playing pro baseball, but you better believe he called back the next morning and got Laura’s number. That was all it took to bring these two together; they talked on the phone every night until Manny came home to California two months later. Nothing could keep them apart–not even Laura crashing Manny’s car on their first date! He cracked up while reflecting on their date, and said it was just another excuse for him to call her back the next day to see her again. Laura fell for Manny because he’s hilarious and can make her laugh like no one else–being sweet and incredibly genuine also didn’t hurt, Laura recounts. The next several years saw lots of coming and going in their relationship, as Manny’s professional baseball career took him all over the world. For Laura, the distance and time apart only made it that much sweeter when Manny would return home again.

Three and half years later, Manny proposed to Laura in front of his whole family before flying her off to New York City for a Valentine’s Day getaway.

Laura and Manny,

Thank you guys for the honor of being chosen to capture your special day. I had an absolute blast photographing your engagement, and I look to seeing you in January!