Some weddings are all about the venue; some are all about a certain vintage theme we’ve seen all too often; and some weddings are defined by the presence of little humans that run amuck and brighten up the room with their smiles and pure, unfiltered emotion–no, i’m not talking about ‘little people’ or dwarfs, you very, very confused blog reader you…. Some brides opt not to allow guests to bring their kids to their weddings, for fear of having to deal with the logistics of baby sitting while everyone else is partying–or the dreaded child crying during the ceremony.  I say, bring the kids–bring ’em on!


Having chosen the Grant Humphrey’s Mansion in Denver, Colorado, the stage was already set for it to be an incredibly beautiful Denver wedding.  Yet, it was the kids that made their Denver mansion wedding truly memorable in my mind.  By the time most of us reach adulthood, we’ve long since developed all of these restrictive filters to our emotions, such as manners, and ‘restraint’.  Fueled by our various cultural backgrounds, we become resistant to emotional outbursts, often chastised in our society as representing a lack of civility and maturity.  Kids, in contrast, have yet to take upon these filters and proprieties, and are a source of pure, unbridled emotion.  You can still see the amazement in their eyes at all of the wonders and mysteries of the world, and your first wedding is a source of great mystery and wonder, indeed.  At Crystal and Roberto’s wedding, I got to experience a new kind of first, as I watched these children see the bride anew for the first time, transformed  in her beautiful wedding dress.  I loved watching them gasp in astonishment at the sight of the bride, as she walked into the room.  I loved watching them twirl around like little ballerinas and dutchesses, as their mother helped tie the bows on their dresses–it all seemed like a scene out of a Jane Austen novel.  As such, I have decided to make this my first black and white wedding, and present all the photos in the timeless, classic style of black and white photography;   I feel that black and white photography emphasizes the human element more than color photography for its ability to strip away all the garnishing and extravagance of color, leaving you with pure and simple emotion.