Colorado is a land of epics:  epic skies, epic mountains and, in the spring, epic winds.  After several snowed out sessions, the ground dried up, and the sun finally came out from behind the clouds.  It was going to be a glorious day, or so I thought.  Then the winds came; 20-30mph gusts barreling down the mountains, headed right for the scenic spot we had chosen in the south Boulder open space.  Becki was my lighting assistant for the day, and was on the brink of being lofted into the air, beauty dish and all.  Katie and Phillip were troopers through all of it, and we managed to find a rhythm and time our photos in between the freezing gusts of wind.  It was like an old game of street hockey back in the day;  “CAR!”…..”GAME ON!”  And so it went for most of the afternoon:  I’d proclaim, “SHOOT ON!”, and off would come the jackets and scarfs, and Phillip and Katie became entangled in an explosion of laughter, Katie’s airborne hair and Phillip’s giant grin.  The wind carried their laughter down across the plains in a cacophony of sound that receded into the distance.   Phillip never faltered in his ability to make Katie laugh out loud, despite us shooting in conditions that would have most people huddling in front of their fireplace, watching old sunday afternoon movies on AMC.


The couple will be married outdoors this august in Boulder, Colorado.  The sun will be shining, the flowers, brilliantly colorful, and the damn wind can stay home for the day–or else! 😉