San Diego Engagement: Laura and Bill

Laura & Bill are one of those rare instances where blind dates succeed beyond your wildest expectations.  Normally, when I think of blind dates, the first thing that comes to mind is the popular TV show that usually ends in disaster with both couples totally mismatched and anything but the personification of destiny.  This wasn’t […]

July 20, 2011

Engagement Photos in Balboa Park | James Moro Photography BLOG | Weddings | Engagements | Portraits

Every once in a while when I’m in an experimental-creative mood, and the stars are aligned just right, I’ll revisit some of my photos and rework them in photoshop until I manage to scratch the creative ‘itch’. These photos are a from a recent engagement session I shot last month when a good friend of […]

April 21, 2011

Laura & Manny – Temecula Engagement Photos

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder… Laura and Manny first met by chance encounter several years ago while they were both in different relationships. They only shared a few words during their first encounter, but perhaps this was all they needed as they both stayed in the back of each other’s minds over […]

April 14, 2011

Balboa Park – San Diego Engagement Photos

I met Graham randomly by chance while stopping off at a gas station along the Big Sur highway on our way to watch the Redbull US Grandpix at Laguna Seca back in 2009. My girlfriend loves motorcycles–especially Yahama sportbikes. So when Graham rolled up to the pump, Becki didn’t hesitate to strike up a conversation […]

April 12, 2011

Christina & Erik – Santa Barbara Engagement Session

A few months back, I was introduced to Christina & Erik through a good photographer buddy of mine that lives in Santa Barbara.  They recently got engaged and were on the market for a wedding & engagement photographer. I meet a ton of couples through my  wedding photography consultations, and Christina & Erik are crazy […]

August 18, 2010

Ashlee & Chris Spring Engagement Session

I just finished up a recent engagement shoot with Ashlee  & Chris–two highschool sweethearts that have taken their long distance relationship to the next level.  She attends school in Santa Barbara, while he attends school in San Bernadino county.  I have tons of respect for the couple for being able to overcome the distance and […]

March 16, 2010